End of March 2018 will we launch a update of this application

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“The great In-Balanz app helps you to get the natural way of breathing back”

Sleep better, get a higher HRV, less anxiety, no more hyperventilation, less stress

and become more relaxed!

The In-Balanz application was nominated for the Health Award 2013 in the Netherlands by the Royal Dutch Medical Academy (KNMG).


For people with disruptive breathing and as a result a disturbed acidity, In-Balanz can be the best app to helps you to get the natural way of breathing back. In-Balanz makes it simple and easy to get a normal breathing. When you try it on your smartphone, I believe you’ll find it to be a great experience.


Disruptive breathing can be caused by many different factors, such as hyperventilation, panic and anxiety attacks, etc. Inexplicable physical symptoms can also play a role. For different kinds of complaints, there is often no demonstrable medical reason

The benefits off a deep breathing

Breathing Coach Application

Download here the great In-Balanz app helps you to get the natural way of breathing back”


The application is not working with update version iOS 11 ( 19-09-2017)

We are working on a new application and sensor; Breath In Balanz 

Breathing Breathing is a complex psychofysiological system.

On one hand it is important for the homeastasis of an organism (pH and gas exchange) and on the other hand it is accessible for conscious perception and control.

Breathing can also be considered as an important indicator of the internal state of an individual, both emotional and physical, but is also an important tool for an individual to influence his/her own state (self-control)

Source: Defares, P.M. Prof.


Breathing is living.

Many of us breathe uncounsciously fast and high. The higher you breathe, the more air is left behind in your lungs and the less oxygen is really refreshed. High and fast breathing is caused by stress and is therefore less effective. Eventually, the body is not able to restore the balance anymore and this causes a disordered acidity, with all the consequences that will entail.