Complaints off

  • General complaints: 
    These complaints follow from the heavy breathing labour you have to perform and your anxious concerns about 
    the physical symptoms. 
    fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, physical tension, insomnia.


  • Psychological complaints:
    This is how you can react with your feelings, thoughts and behavior on the physically felt complaints.
    anxiety, fear of death, hypochondria, depression, phobias, restlessness, inner tension, unreal feeling, crying 
    with or without a reason.


  • Nervous System Complaints:
    These are a result of contracting blood vessels in your brain, hands, feet, mouth and tongue and which cause a decreased bloodflow.
    (tension) headaches, tingling hands, feet or face, ringing ears, fainting, dizzyness, bad concentration.


  • Circulatory system complaints:
    Because your heart needs to pump faster as a result of deep breathing.
    palpitations, heart skipping beats, cold - clammy hands, chest pain.


  • Muscle complaints:
    These mainly occur because the number of calcium particles decreases, but in some cases because of the tensed position you take
    muscular or joint pain, trembling, stiff hands, fingers and face.


  • Respiratory complaints:
    Because you breathe mainly fast and deep through your chest, you will overstress your respiratory system and chest and heart muscles.
    dry mouth, tickle in the throat or cough, tightness of the chest, much sighing or yawning, pain in the heart area, pressure on your chest.


  • Stomach and gut complaints:
    Because unconsciously you swallow air.
    Bloated feeling, nausea, burping, diarrhea or constipation, flatulence, lump in your throat.